False True Lovers
  Shirley Collins

Side A
1. Drew My Ship
2. The Irish Boy
3. The Spermwhale Fishery   MP3
4. Dennis O'Reilly
5. My Bonny Miner Lad
6. Just As The Tide Was Flowing
7. Bobby Shaftoe
8. Richie Story   MP3
9. The Unique Grave
10. The Swapping Song

Side B
1. Poor Old Horse
2. The False True Love   MP3
3. The Foggy Dew
4. Mowing The Barley
5. Scarborough Fair   MP3
6. The Cruel Mother
7. The Bonny Cuckoo
8. The Queen Of May
10. Died For Love

A collection of British songs about love, adapted and sung by Shirley Elizabeth Collins of Sussex, England; with guitar and five string banjo accompaniment by John Hasted, Ralph Rinzler, Guy Carawan and Miss Collins. 'False True Lovers' was Shirley Collins' first full length album, recorded in London by Alan Lomax and Peter Kennedy and released on the prestigious American Folkways label. The choice of repertoire and arrangements capture a turning moment in the English folk song revival of the 1950's, and in the recording career of one of England's finest interpreters of traditional song. Bo' Weavil Recordings is very proud to release this once more on 180g vinyl in a limited hand numbered pressing of 500.


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