I Don't Wanna - Henry Flynt

Side A
1. Uncle Sam Do MP3
2. Good by Wall St MP3
3. Go Down
4. Corona Del Mar MP3

Side B
1. Missionary Stew MP3
2. Jumping
3. Sky Turned Red MP3
4. I Don't Wanna
5. Dreams Away MP3

'I don't Wanna!', recorded in 1966, features nine primitive blues protest songs cut by a basement band led by Flynt on guitar and vocals, Art Murphy on keyboards, Paul Breslin on acoustic bass and sculptor Walter De Maria on drums. Flynt took guitar lessons from Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground "He just showed you what you needed to just walk right out onstage and start playing" "I wanted to crank it up politically." (Interview with Flynt in the Wire magazine October 2004). Flynt made good use of these lessons and created an angst ridden protest rock record that's political edge does more than protest, it taunts. The nasal Flynt lyrics are smart and satirical, and suit the skeletal solos and strange tonalities the music produces. A great unearthed find!

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