Tight Meat Duo

Tight Meat, a duo of the fantastic free drummer Alex Neilson and the fiery sax of David Keenan. A powerful onslaught of free jazz with David providing some high energy saxophone screams alongside Alex' plethora of rhythmic energy. "Like all the great visionary thinkers of our time, from Iggy Stooge to Arthur Doyle, David Keenan and Alex Neilson are autodidactic polymaths devolving advanced thought back to punk-primitive motion. Judging by the music heard on /Vanishing Fist/, their first salvo under the name Tight Meat Duo, these twentysomething/thirtysomething Glaswegian deviants are prime examples of the dictum that the new wave of free musicians act on impulse. They've studied and immersed themselves in some of the most life affirming vibrations of all time, those silhouettes, shadows and forecasts of tomorrow disguised as free jazz, as Sun Ra almost put it; sensed this essence flooding their synapses, rewiring their DNA, messing with the id so inherited 3D vision becomes implanted Third Eye cosmology; and now they're getting in on the aktion." (Tony Herrington)



Vanishing Fist - Tight Meat Duo- CD

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£11.50 Europe
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