1. Pre-orders Stephen O'Malley/ Steve Noble LP and Tom James Scott LP (march release)
    Sent January 15th 2012

    HI everyone, Happy 2012....hope the beginning of the year has been great for all of you.... firstly an apology to all of you who pre-ordered the C Joynes - Congo LP. Delays and the pressing plant, then a faulty pressing and repress have delayed this by m...

  2. Bo' Weavil C Joynes new album LP/CD
    Sent October 12th 2011

    Hi everyone, another email in so soon after the last. But yet another release is ready for pre-orders. For those of you that made pre-orders on Roil CD, Simon H Fell CD, Hession / Wilkinson / Fell CD or Alan Wilkinson CD, they will be posting in the next...

  3. Bo' Weavil 4 New Releases
    Sent September 3rd 2011

    Hiya everyone, we are back on course and set to release a ton of new releases. Excited to announce 4 new VERY limited CD releases....pre-order only...should be ready by late September... Roil (Chris Abrahams of the Necks trio) Simon H Fell solo Alan Wilk...

  4. Bo' Weavil 2 New LPs
    Sent May 3rd 2011

    Hi everyone, Has been a quiet start to the year at Bo' Weavil....things are getting back on track, and we are excited to have now ready for pre-orders 2 new very limited LPs. Both LPs will be heavy duty covers and screen printed and numbered to 350.......

  5. C Joynes new 7" volume 2
    Sent September 26th 2010

    Hiya, just a quick not to let you know about volume 2 in the ongoing C Joynes 7" series, in collaboration with Great Pop Suplement 8 selections and premonitions from the tower vol. 2 C Joynes & The Restless Dead " Volume 2 in the on going joint releas...

  6. Sottovoce 3 day festival!!!
    Sent August 17th 2010

    Hi everyone, justa quick email to plug a great experimental music fest happening in September in London.....quite a few Bo' Weavil recordings artists on the line up. Both C Joynes, and Tom James Scott acoustic guitars will be featured...a solo set from J...

  7. Bo' Weavil Message
    Sent June 8th 2010

    Hi everyone, Just a little note about a new release on Bo' Weavil. This is the live recording from Cafe Oto of Decoy & Joe McPhee from the end of 2009. Decoy & Joe McPhee Oto weavil41CD To order follow this link

    Sent May 4th 2010

    Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know about a joint 7" with Great Pop Supplement for C Joynes. "Joint release with Great Pop Supplement, in a on going series of 5 seven inches by C Joynes, and collaborators all limited to 350 copies, die cut sl...

  9. Bo' Weavil new releases
    Sent March 11th 2010

    Hi everyone, Hopefully winter is over and we can look forward to slightly warmer springtime.... Bo' Weavil has a few new releases lined up, 2 new sidra edition vinyls and a reissue of a Bo' Weavil title....Pre-orders being taken now, they should be ready ...

  10. Bo' Weavil Some gig info
    Sent February 7th 2010

    Hi everyone, excuse the intrusion, but just wanted to pass out some info on some interesting gigs coming up at Cafe Oto in London. If anyone wants to unsubscribe just follow the link at the bottom of the email. WEDNESDAY 10th Febrauary 2010 Times : 8pm Ti...

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