Date: August 14th 2012

sorry if you got this already computer crashed during sending....

So a quick update on the new releases:

ready and being sent out or have already been sent out are:

Reines D'Angleterre LP and CD

Oren Ambarchi LP

The CD version of C Joynes & Stepahanie Hladowski is ready to go, but the LP won't be ready til mid september, needed to be cut again to get the perfect sound...

and the week after next on Tom James Scott "Drape" LP...the most unusual delays on this one...maybe I putting a bad spell by saying the week after next....but lets hope...been a long wait but worth every minute.....

catch Bo' Weavil on the Wire's radio show on resonance FM this Thursday (16th) at 9pm-10.30pm...



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