Date: August 4th 2012

Hi everyone,

3 up coming new releases that you can pre-order from now.

Firstly a big apology for those of you still waiting for Tom James Scott new LP Drape. We had to go back to the start and repress the LP and reprint the cover because of faults out of our control. It will be finally ready next week. A huge sorry for those who have been waiting.

On to the PRE-ORDERs

1. Reines D’Angleterre (Ghedalia Tazartes/Elg/Jo) – Dynastie Et Globe LP/CD

2. Stephanie Hladowski & C Joynes – The Wild Wild Berry LP/CD

3. Oren Ambarchi – Raga Ooty / Nilgiri Plateau

1. Totally psyched to have the opportunity to release the second album by Reines d'Angleterre. This time a thoroughly studio affair. Reines d’Angleterre is a fascinating collaboration between avant outsider musician Ghédalia Tazartès and two electronic botanists, èlg and Jo aka Opéra Mort. This LP covers more of the wild ground the band started with on “Les Comores” released back in 2010, but going further into a musical terrain that defies definite description…a slow trip into wizards intimacy, synthetic jungles, underseas zoos and tibetan-industrial complexes. It feels like one has stumbled into disturbing dreams from a different realm. A quality of mystery, trickery and halucinatory movements slip and shift across the recording. This is out there music, experimental music with no fixed idio with a unique quality that defies most todays recording.

2. This is the first recordings for Bo’ Weavil by English folk singer Stephanie Hladowski, coming together with regular recording artist C Joynes. The Wild Wild Berry a highly individual record, that accents both their respective styles. Chris’ melodic beauty is equally matched by Stephanie’s turn of phrase. The album contains their renditions of eleven British traditionals, some better known than others. All the songs were mostly selected from archive recordings at Cecil Sharp House, and chosen on the basis of something unique about the original recording rather than the song itself. Nothing about the record is a let down, the simple melodies and powerful authority that both exhibit make this a recording that one will play a thousand times over .

3. Raga Ooty unearths three previously unreleased works (each titled with reference to the area in south India where his mother was born) from Oren Ambarchi’s archive, showcasing the rawer side of his solo work between 2006 and 2011. The side-long Raga Ooty unspools a twisting, skittering thread of gritty guitar harmonics over a bed of buzzing tambura drone, creating the same paradoxical impression of simultaneous stasis and forward propulsion achieved by minimalist masters such as Henry Flynt, to whom this work is dedicated. The Nilgiri Plateau generates an 8 minute wash of gleaming overtones from a 12 string acoustic guitar played with motors, continuing the experiments first made public on the 2007 Stacte Motors LP. The closing Raga Ooty (Slight Return) returns to the distorted guitar harmonic hysterics of the opening piece, this time elaborated over a wash of Ambarchi’s signature Leslie cabinet tones, building relentlessly over the course of 12 minutes recorded live in Ba
sel late last year.


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