Date: January 15th 2012

HI everyone,

Happy 2012....hope the beginning of the year has been great for all of you....

firstly an apology to all of you who pre-ordered the C Joynes - Congo LP. Delays and the pressing plant, then a faulty pressing and repress have delayed this by months. I am very sorry about that, but the final LPs are on their way to the UK now and should be sent out this week. Unless some more delays happen with the post. But fingers crossed that won't happen.

now on to the 2 new releases coming up in MARCH, so these are pre-orders, and hopefully there won't be any delays on this....

Firstly, a double LP and CD from Drone metal guitarist Stephen O'Malley, in a duo with regular Bo' Weaviler Steve Noble - St Francis Duo -
Having played together in Æthenor for the last couple of years, Steve Noble & Stephen O'Malley came together to play as a duo at Cafe Oto in 2011. These recordings are the results of these two hot and sticky nights in East London. Noble having appeared on over nine recordings for the label, is a linch pin in London's improvising community. Steve studied with Nigeria master drummer Elkan Ogunde and in the early 1980s and over the last 20 years has played with most of the great players from 4 corners of the globe. Stephen O'Malley predominantly a guitarist, producer and composer from Seattle who has been at the centre of avant-garde/drone metal, best known for his group Sunn0))), and also a prolific collaborator with many of the finest improvisers. So it was bound to be a memorable night of music to see these two to meet. Noble sets the recording off with a full tribal charge, while Stephen instead of firing off a shard of ecstatic notes and chords, coaxed his guitar into singi
ng a slow ever growing roar. But soon the two are of into some wildest creative rampages - exciting drum and guitar territory, sounding at times not too dissimilar to Haino's Fushitsusha, brutally beautiful shredded riffs from O’Malley met with Noble's exuberant rhythmic force . Over 2 slabs of vinyl and CD the memory of these 2 nights can be heard in full violent sonic attack.

Tom James Scott's third album for Bo' Weavil, this time comes as a ltd vinyl only edition - Drape -
Tom's two previous CD releases for Bo’Weavil both featured acoustic guitar as primary voice. His first LP - while maintaining similar melodic sensibilities and a feeling of hushed expanse - sees piano become the main focus, with the title, ‘Drape’ (defined in literature documenting past and present dialect native to what is now Cumbria, as, ‘to speak slowly’) determining pace and durations across the four pieces presented. Strings of single notes become humming, shadowy resonances within the body of the instrument, echoing into frequent pause and fragmentation.
Initially conceived on guitar and voice, photograph and title were also principal catalysts in the formation of the final work. The image of an older relative as a child holds a likeness through subsequent generations. A now largely extinct colloquial definition of a word still in common use marks change through evolution and loss. Both convey a past unknown at first-hand, yet both are reflected in the present, fragmented and imagined.


recent new releases
C Joynes - Congo CD/LP (as I said the LP should be ready next week, but the CD has been out for a couple of months.

Roil – Frost Frost (Chris Abrahams from the Necks trio) Ltd 500 copies

Simon H Fell – Frank & Max Ltd 300 copies

Hession/Wilkinson/Fell – Two Falls And A Submission – Ltd 350 copies

Alan Wilkinson – Practice – Ltd 300 copies

for all other releases check out the release page

Record production and sales are struggling industry today, so it you feel like supporting a label, then getting direct from the label is the best!!!

all the best

Simon H Fell - Frank


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